Home Church

Gathering as the body of Christ

While we absolutely meet together in church on Sunday mornings, and it has always been the goal of Craig Christian Church (CCC) to meet all together, we recognize that today’s environment does not always allow for that opportunity. While logistics and health concerns challenge us to adapt, they are never to isolate us in our gathering, devotion, and fellowship as followers of Christ.

CCC now offers THREE avenues for Sunday morning worship.  The first is always our in person services offered every Sunday. The second is viewing online; this is a great avenue for those that are ill, or especially prone to illness and need to isolate.

The new and third option is CCC Home Church, this approach is meant for those that are not as comfortable right now in large group settings, but are willing to meet in close knit 10 person groups in our homes.

We must remember that the Church started in homes and for hundreds of years the early church lived and worshiped side by side in home settings.  CCC sees that online service has its benefits for those completely isolated, but it also has its negatives, as it allows people to become detached from the gathering and fellowship aspect of the Church.  CCC looks to create an opportunity for those not wanting to engage large settings. The hope is to have a small home church, centered around the livestream, as your refuge and place of fellowship where you can continue to gather as the body.

Get Connected

CCC will review your information and then reach out, touch base, and assist getting you into a home church


Is Home Church different from Connection Group?

CCC Home Church while similar in DNA to connection groups are not discipleship driven in nature such as connection groups. The Home Church side of CCC is meant to be centered around the weekly livestream and be a smaller, intimate setting meeting a gathering size of 10 people or less.  While this is meant to be distinctly different than a connection group, some overlap could exist and that is fine.

What can I expect at Home Church?

CCC Home Church is a Sunday morning meeting in a home near you. Some level of singing, worship, communion, and sermon engagement may occur. Each household could be a little different in its approach.

What about my kids?

CCC is about the family and wants children to join in! Children are encouraged to involved just as with our connection groups. Each household may approach a little different depending on ages, but inclusion is not only acceptable, its biblical.

If I host will my info be online?
The short answer is, only if you want it to be.  The default setting for our church database is to not include personal information for hosts of connection groups or home church.  However if  the host finds it easier for gatherers, then we can change the settings to display an address.